Happy New Year!!

bth_new-year[2]happynewyear        Since today will be a day of hangovers, sleeping in late, a little of the dog that bit you, big screen football, over eating (again!), shoveling snow, and a few burbling burps and other nefarious sounds thrown in (if there are men involved), I won’t be writing  my usual scintillating blog.New Year, cats,happy wishes

I’ll just stop by long enough to leave you with these wishes:

a recipe for a hangover: two raw eggs in a glass of tomato juice with a couple of healthy doses of Tabasco  followed by gallons of water throughout the day.  Booze dehydrates you.  Or replace the tomato juice with Bloody Mary mix (a little of the dog…).
This is one of the few days you can ignore the clock and snuggle down under the covers and dream…..
Hope your team wins in the last minute of the game and……
Your snow shovel stays in the garage.
Go ahead, have that second helping….that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for.
What’s a few bodily expulsions  amongst really good friends?

fireworks4……..and….. finally to wish you and yours a great New Year full of health, laughter and good writing!



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