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You needn’t Suffer Waiting for the New Season of Downton Abbey — a Review

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HEIRS and GRACES    Newest book in the Royal Spyness series
by Rhys Bowen

Impoverished, royal Georgiana Rannoch is set another task by HRM, the Queen.  ‘Get thee gone….’to a grand country house and help an uncooperative Heir adjust to his new station in life and  a mammoth fortune.   Said heir, Jack, has been snatched from a sheep station in Australia, brought to England, and is the most reluctant of future Dukes.

‘Jack jumped to his feet. “How can you talk calmly of eating when your son is dead and everyone thinks I stabbed him?” he shouted.
 “Such an outburst, the dowager Duchess said. “Hardly seemly for a duke, John.  Really you will have to learn to control your emotions. Of course I’m upset at the loss of my son.  I am outraged that somebody chose to murder him. But I am also aware that it is up to us to set a good example, chin up, best foot forward and all that.  This household will continue as usual, except for the fact that we be in mourning for the requisite amount of time….’  more »