“No Problem”, I Cringe Every Time I Hear It!

Good manners are either disappearing altogether or are being bastardized by pop culture.  What’s with the response, ‘No problem’ when I thank someone?

As long as I’ve been alive courtesy dictated that when you/they said …..    thank Then you/they would reply, ‘You’re welcome’. 

In the past few years ‘you’re welcome’ has been replaced with ‘no problem’. (cringe)
‘You’re welcome’ says ‘I was glad to do it’,  ‘you are welcome to the (whatever) I did for you’, ‘I was happy to be of service’. 

No problem‘ (cringe) implies to me that maybe it was a problem but ‘I’ve been hired to say, no problem‘.  That it was a little problem but manners dictate that I tell you it was no problem. You are a problem and I’m just too polite to say so.  I ask you… Is it just me?
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