The World Stood Still….Sheldon Kissed Amy

writing, blogs, blogger, comedy, Chuck Lorre, iconic television      A few nights ago Sheldon kissed (really kissed! There were four lips involved) Amy Farrah Fowler and the world stood still….at least ours did.  You could hear a universal gasp!

Have you ever paused your television in order to read Chuck Lorre’s vanity page?  (that’s what he calls it)  He is the head writer, creator and mastermind behind The Big Bang Theory.   I think his take on life and how we all muddle through it is dryer than my morning toast and I loves my humor dry.  Did I mention that he was ‘blogging’ before the word had been invented?

Now, I know that I will never write comedy and really don’t aspire to do so. It’s not my thing and if I’m funny when I write I assure you it’s an accident.  In my opinion,  the brilliance in the writing for The Big Bang Theory script is excelled by none in today’s culture.  Finally!  The geeks and ‘not-cool’ kids are fashionable and we cooler kids care about them.  (lol)  Continue reading “The World Stood Still….Sheldon Kissed Amy”