A word Deserving of Its Own Post! ‘Crapper’

Anyone who has been in the military or has lived with a military man has heard the crude slang, ‘Crapper’ for ‘toilet’.   “I  gotta use the crapper.”  “I’m in the  crapper!” “I gotta take a crap”. You might be asking,  Okay, Trish, why are you writing about toilets?  Because I love the origin of words and the research is so much fun. 
Did you know that there was a man named ‘Crapper’ and he was a plumber?  Who owned a plumbing company in the 1800’s in England?
I was reading a wonderful mystery crpper.toiletrecently that gave credit to Thomas Crapper for the unique flower-patterned wash basin and the porcelain toilet fixture.   I was certain that the slang ‘crapper’ that graces our language,  must have originally referred to the inventor of the toilet, Mr. Thomas Crapper, Esq., plumber to kings!  But, alas…..I was wrong…
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