Inspiration Mixed with Research = New Novel! (part 2)

alaska, northern lights, fiction, best sellers, alaska, Yukon,            I am taking a small break this morning from writing. I have written 37,000 (of 75,000) words of my new novel,  “Song of the Yukon”.  One of the Guyer sisters, family stories, writing, journaling, story telling, Alaska, research, sisters,LaVerne, has run away to  Alaska to write her music. (far left in photo)  This novel was inspired by the true story of my auntie living in Alaska and the poetry of Robert Service. By the way, have you read anything by him? It’s worth it, I promise!

I wanted to talk about research for a moment.  Just fifteen years ago research for this book (set in the 1920’s in Alaska) would have meant hours and hours in the library and a mountain of reference books. NOW?!!??

It’s just two clicks of the mouse and I can find anything I need on line. How long to sail from Seattle to Anchorage in 1922? Was there rail service to Fairbanks in the 20’s? Was there river travel from Fairbanks to Tanana where my story will take place? What was the name of the trading post in Fairbanks back then? AMAZING!!!

I have even been able to research the languages of the Upper and Lower Tanana native Alaskan.

Then I got a bright idea!  My heroine is writing music, right? So the very least I should do is have some of her lyrics in my story.   I am not a musician other than singing in the shower.  So I called on my dear friend, Ben Rafuse, who is a professionally, trained pianist and composer.  He is collaborating, with me, on the music that LaVerne writes and with luck, we will end by publishing the sheet music for Ben’s original songs  in the back of the book and even offer a download.  I’ve mentioned before how much I love to collaborate with others.

So, if you can’t reach me…’s because I’m deep in the wilds of the Yukon….at least on the inside!
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