Chick-Lit At Its Finest! A Review

reviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing   Rating: 5 out of 5 quills!    ‘The Cavendon Women‘  by Barbara Taylor Bradford
A Reviewgreat fiction

In preparation for writing this review, I first read Cavendon Hall (a real pleasure) so that I would understand the full dynamic of this family.   This story is Downton Abbey on steroids.  So if you are a fan of this historic era (WWI & the early 1900’s) you will love both books!

Set in the countryside of Yorkshire, this old, aristocratic family must move with the times or be destroyed.  The ‘downstairs’ Swann family has sworn allegiance to the Earl of Mowbray’s family for close to two hundred years and their families have intertwined for centuries. Continue reading “Chick-Lit At Its Finest! A Review”

Writing and then ‘Hearing’ Wild Violets

NOW AVAILABLE in AUDIO BOOKS!!!    “Wild Violets”

fiction, women, flappers, prohibition, San Francisco, roaring twentiesFrom the author:  It was great fun writing this book about a young woman so ahead of her time.  Basketball star, speakeasy owner, flapper who literally worked all day and danced all night.  The story about her red evening gown is true and her friends would make her change into it before going out on the town.  The story about playing poker with a Catholic Bishop is true.  She ultimately had five husbands, but always said the first one didn’t count as they never consummated the marriage.  She went on to be the champion women’s bowler in California.  She had three kids which she didn’t take very good care of.  She was human with many flaws, she was selfish and generous in turns, she was wild and ladylike……she was my mother. Sometimes I ask myself:  ‘did the apple fall very far from the tree?’

Writing it was fun but hearing her ‘voice’ and that of the other characters was amazing.  When you hire an audio professional the author remains in control (quality) and can ‘proof’ ever word.  It’s crucial that you hire the right narrator as your book sounds different from the written page. It’s important that the narrator is willing to work with you on edits, add on’s, and you can ask this upfront before you choose from the audition pieces that you receive.

Continue reading “Writing and then ‘Hearing’ Wild Violets”