An Ode to Our Cats…Hank and me (Part 2)

In his later years when he ran out of things to say about drinking, the sad state of the world, women, and brawling,  Charles (Hank) Bukowski wrote some really good stuff about his cats.  He always had one or two or five hanging around and his love and admiration for them shines through his words.
He inspired me to write an ‘ode’ to my most recent cats.  We have a lot in common, Hank and I.  Nowadays, I try to have only one cat at a time but in the past I’ve had up to five.  My downfall was that I decided to breed Persian cats….but, damn!  When the kittens were born, I couldn’t bear to give them up.  That ended my breeding days.

Here is an ode to Hank’s mean, old, junk-yard dog of a lovers, cats, Charles Bukowski

bad fix   by Charles Bukowski

old Butch, they fixed him
the girls don’t look like much

when Big Sam moved out
of the back
I inherited big Butch,
70 as cats go, old, fixed,
but still as big and
mean a cat as anybody
ever remembered
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An Ode to Our Cats….Hank and me

In this two part post, I write about the love of cats.  I know, I know!  You either hate ’em or love ’em. Both camps are die-hards.  You can’t live with one or you can’t live without one, or two, or three!  For all of Charles Bukowski’s hard living, boozing, philandering, drunken brawls and genius writing, he was a complete softie when it came to cats….even cats that weren’t his own.  He inspired me to write this ode to my dear old Shadow who died and to my new cat, ‘Wild Thang’.  In part two I feature his poetry about his cats.

An Ode to our Cats….Hank and me

she was a feral kitten in the back alleycat lovers, cats, Charles Bukowski

hiding under the deck

she crept out one day while I sat in the

sun, reading and

the first time I picked Shadow up

she shit all over me, so afraid

she was of any human

Next time, she didn’t shit on me and

slowly we became friends

for the next sixteen years

she was one hundred and twelve

when she died Continue reading “An Ode to Our Cats….Hank and me”