Book Review ** Shaman’s Stone by H.S. Dunham

2 out of 5 stars

While I didn’t intend to review this book for content, it was such a perfect example of poor/bad formatting that I was compelled to review, at least, the formatting or lack of.

No header with author/title name
The book appeared to be sloppily formatted for an e-book and was then published as a paperback without any proper and industry-standard formatting. 
The photos on sporadic pages were of such poor quality (almost a grey scale) they should have been eliminated when proofing the book.
The story should do all the work. Crutches like poor-quality photography should not be needed. 

There was practically no dialogue. Which you will know if you have followed me for any length of time is a LARGE   ‘no-no’ in this reviewer’s opinion.  When there is dialogue (second half of the book) it also is not formatted correctly: new paragraph, justified to the far left. Even if only one line.  
A good writer should know how to write dialogue and move the story forward with it. 

The chapters and boys should have been interwoven, every few chapters.  The current book is: roughly the first half of the pages is Little Turtle’s story and the second half of the pages is Ben’s story.  There’s little if any tying it all together at the end.  Leaving the reader with two short (ish) stories. 

Little Turtle is a sympathetic character but he needs more fleshing out; him as a person with a history not always in the shadow of his chief-father and the powerful shaman. He is very likeable; humble and sweet natured. 

Ben is not sympathetic. He is a typical modern-day teen. Sullen and entitled. The writer should always be able to give the reader something to like about his characters. 

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