Book Review ** Kindergarten at 60

This is a delightful narrative about a long-married couple, safe, comfortable, and settled in their ways. They’ve both sort of retired. They still teach.  Then one day they step way…way…way…WAY out of their comfort zone.  THAILAND.

They finally arrive, after a laborious trip through red tape, to a far-flung Providence.  They have anticipated that they would still teach in the age group that they have so much experience in…teens to young adults. 

For years the author, Dian Seidel has been teaching English as a second language, and Iyengar yoga in the US. Sounds like one of the most adventurous things she does is open ocean swimming.’ Adventuresome’ at least in this writer’s mind. It would scare me to death!

My only critique is that the author spent way too much paper on the bureaucratic and endless paperwork to get into Thailand. I don’t think the reader particularly cares for a blow-by-blow description of each hurdle.  A couple of paragraphs would have covered it.  We got it!

I would have liked to have seen more pages dedicated to the family lives of some of the students. That would have made for good reading! 

I would recommend this book kto my readers.  It was charming. 

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