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Dear Trisha,

Congratulations, this is just a quick notice to let you know that your poem Serpent and the Cranium is one of the poems being featured on the PoetrySoup home page this week. Poems are rotated each day in groups of 14-16 to give each poem an equal opportunity to be displayed.

Thanks again and congratulations.


Serpent and the Cranium

Warm smooth coils round
my head
scales tickle my forehead
I want to scratch
quick tongue laps my ear.

The body moves… languid
like water over smooth rock.
Or is the snake inside my head?
Is there only one or many
seething and writhing?

Is the poison real or imaginary?
If I move too fast or think too fast
will it?…..they…strike?
If they strike will my death
be only in my mind?
If not entirely in my head,
will anyone grieve?


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