Gawd! I Love Words!

Not a day goes by that I’m not presented with a word that I don’t know the definition of. I think it’s because I read so much and that exposes me to other authors’ vocabularies.  

During my professional career, the standard and most used term when seeking employment and presenting one’s qualifications and experience was the “resume.” Probably because I lived in the United States, I hadn’t given much thought to the definition of ‘resume.’ I just knew it was a list of my skills and work history. And, of course, I wanted it to represent me in the most favorable light as it often arrived before I did in person.  

For the past several years, I have heard a newer (to me) term, ‘CV‘ (mainly on a couple of my fav television programs based in and around Europe). And given what was happening in the TV story and the paper being looked at, I could easily surmise that it was someone’s resume. 

But what did CV stand for? An acronym, but what was the definition? 

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for “course of life.”

How beautiful: ‘course of life.’  So apropos. Course…of…Life. I loved the words on my tongue.

Whereas in contrast, a ‘resume’ is French for a “summary.” Boring, a list, clinical…. no romance there!
Can you tell what joy new words bring to me?

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