Storyteller In Any Language

The storyteller was the most respected (and looked forward to) person second only to the Shaman since the time where we scratched images into cave walls. Since time immemorial the storyteller has kept alive the tribe’s history and traditions.  The name/word, Storyteller, is alive in most languages today. 

We writers keep this age-old tradition alive with our stories, whether we seek the past, write about the present, explore unknown worlds, suggest a fairytale, write our personal (tribe’s) history. In whatever language we choose, we tell a story hoping someone out there will read it and be moved by it.


Irish:          Seanachais — storytellers 
French:       le conteur —  storyteller, taleteller, romancer
German:    der Erzähler  — teller, narrator, storyteller, narrative writer
Spanish:     Cuentista  — storyteller
Italian:        Narratore — storyteller 
Hawaiian:  Mea haʻi moʻolelo — teller of tales
Icelandic:  Sagnhafi — Storyteller
                                                     Chinese:    Shuō gùshì de rén — storyteller
                                                     Russian:    сказочник  — storyteller, fabler 
                                                     Scottish:    Sgeulaiche  —  (Gaelic)  Tale teller  
                                                     Swahili:    Msimuliaji hadithi  — Spinner of yarns 
                                                     Swedish:  Berättare  —  Storyteller
                                 Vietnamese:  Người kể chuyện — Taleteller, teller of stories

Our ‘oral’ storytelling and the passing down of tribe’s history and heroics is becoming obsolete. When I was a girl my mother rarely read me a story. Rather she would tell stories of herself, growing up with 12 siblings in the backwoods of Washington state. There were countless stories of thirteen brothers and sisters and their adventures and misdeeds.  I believe it was this story telling by my mother that made me the Seanachais  that I am today. 

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