The Singing Trees by Boo Walker ~ Review

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reviews, authors, writing

reviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing4 out of 5 quills 

I’ll admit I thought the prologue to Boo Walker’s new book (The Singing Trees) was a bit of a slow start. But I was so happy I stuck it out because it was the prologue to a wonderful story.  Walker takes us on a journey with an artist (painter), seeking her ‘voice and passion’. But that means leaving everything she has ever known and striking out on her own without an education, a job, or family to support her. Literally giving up everything for her art.  It’s difficult to write much about the story Boo tells because anything I said would very quickly turn into a spoiler alert.  And this reviewer avoids that at all costs. 

Placed in the seventies’ the story is well drawn around Viet Nam, Nixon’s corruption, the Kent State shooting and a nation in an uproar. Walker’s characters are beautifully portrayed, and, for the reader, easy to love.  

The author moved his family from the vineyards of California to Florida after writing the ‘Red Mountain‘ series . I had assumed that his next book would be set in the Sunshine state. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in Davenport, Portland, and Bangor, Maine.  It took me a minute! 

I highly recommend this story to my readers. It’s a page turner for sure and a perfect beach read for the summer.  

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