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I have created several journals for my readers, fans, and friends to write in. But, I am most proud of this one. Unique in that it is a true journal. No instruction, no pages used up with samples of playwriting, poetry, fiction writing. A pure journal. 

Each page has a quote to inspire you to journal and write your deepest thoughts, dreams, and goals. And yes, your heartbreak, frustrations and angst has room in this book too. 

If you’re an aspiring writer my other journals are instructional and available at all books stores. 

My Journal is available for sale now!  

Why? ©

Why does the sunrise fill you with hope and light a candle in your soul?

Why does a fast moving river fill you with courage as it rushes to the sea?

Why does puppy breath fill you with contentment?

Why does a star winking in the velvet sky make you want to wink back?

Why does the smell of a baby’s head fill you with joy?

Why do you believe there are secrets in the blink-less stare of a cat?

Why do we run from the rain? Why not dance in it?


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