How to Write Creatively to be taught in Argentina

This is just one class of adults wanting to learn to speak and write English, in Argentina!  The professor is a long time friend, Mariana Falco.  She and her colleagues graciously hosted me, when I traveled to their University several years ago.  We keep a vibrant friendship going. 

She expressed a wish to use my newest book, How To Write Creatively, as a tool in her classes.  I was honored to comply. 

These Argentinians are some of the most gracious and warm people on the planet.  Once in a while one of the students will send me something that they have written.  I always respond.  Like recently, someone from the class (pictured here) sent me a letter about wandering along a stream in the autumn.  It read like poetry so I tweaked it and returned it back (via Mariana) in poetry form.  That spurred a young 7 yr.old from next door to draw a picture for me of how the ‘poem’ spoke to him.

And so the river of creativity flows!

Argentina Special Dinner



leaves fall, carpet of colors 

i walk by the river, 

lazy with autumn’s ebb

a tree in silhouette shade, 

creates  a six legged creature

creeping along 

its branches move

on the breeze

Mariana…second from the right. During my trip to Argentina!

of a cold day

Mariana in center. Fulbright teaching assistant at St. Mary´s College


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