From Pawns to Kings! by Eugene Brown ~~ A Review

reviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing 3 out of 5 quills     A Review ~~ From Pawns to Kings! by Eugene Brown & Marco Price-Bey51-jidtj-0l-_sx331_bo1204203200_

A cautionary tale for all young people who have had to grow up amidst the chaos of a dysfunctional family, quit school and run the streets.  This autobiographical narrative is about a young black man in a rush ‘to be somebody’. An alcoholic father and beat-down, defeated mother were of little use in keeping this child from a life on the streets and finally being incarcerated in the federal prison system for armed bank robberies.

Eugene Brown (the author) literally stumbled over the game of Chess (in prison) and recognized that winning at chess could translate at winning in life. The same rules apply; plan before you make a move, have several moves planned ahead of time, follow the rules, become better and better at the game of chess/life, and be able to see ‘the end game’.

eugene-brownAgainst all odds, he turned his life around and, after serving his time, went on to form a non-profit “Big Chair Chess Club” that helps get teens off the street and refocus their lives through the experience and rules of the game.

I particularly liked some of the last words in this book: “They (young people) want to be hustlers, but like myself, they had a very limited view of what makes a real hustler.  You see some people working two jobs, going to college, taking care of a family, that’s hustling man! Being a good hustler is finding a (legal) way or making a way to get what you want by using what you got…”

His story transcends the occasional grammatical errors and lack of punctuation, but it was distracting for this reviewer. For a novella, (154 pages) it is over priced.

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