Christmas Gift Idea….A Book at Cost

cover-wofm-lighter-front-cover10-16Bonus Offer!  World of Murder, A Collection of Cozy True Crime Mysteries

3  BOOKS in ONE!

Gifts For the Holiday Season!

For a limited time I am offering this Collection of murder mysteries at my cost only, plus shipping and handling. ($7.47 + shipping $5.15) (USA only) This is a savings of $10 from retail price.

Here’s how it works:  You send $12.65 via PayPal to me at

Once I receive payment and the address where you would like the book/s shipped I will send you the book/s.  If ordering more than one book, shipping may be more, due to weight.

In the World of Murder series, Detectives Jack O’Roarke and Stella Garcia, two murder cops, seek out killers on the streets of New York City.  Their investigations take them from the sleazy world of strip joints to Manhattan’s upper Eastside.  Poor and rich alike, no one is exempt from murder. O’Roarke and Garcia are stars at NYPD with their careful forensic investigative skills and just plain, solid cop work.


Dance of Murder:  Strippers have been found with their throats cut and their dead eyes filled with glitter and the killer’s rage is escalating.  To makeNew.cover. danceofmurder_COVER things worse the murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have several dozen potential suspects all with a reason to murder these girls. Media has dubbed the murderer, ‘The Glitter Slasher’ and City Hall is breathing down their necks. Finally the two murder cops make an arrest.  But, do they have the right person in custody?

New.cover. actofmurder_COVERAct of Murder: O’Roarke and Garcia are called when a famous Broadway director dies.  It appears that everyone hated this man, making the murder cops’ job just that much harder.  They have their pick of suspects as everyone within a five mile radius of Broadway had a reason to want this guy dead.  This mystery takes the reader back stage into the tumultuous, gossip ridden, passionate world of the theatre.

Angel of Murder: Murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have a serial killer on their hands, again. The bodies of children, dressed for communion, are turning up in all five boroughs of New York City and there are no suspects.  In spite of all their efforts, O’Roarke andnew.cover. angelofmurder_COVER Garcia stand by as their case goes cold. This monster, whose identity will stun the city, could strike again and no one’s children are safe.



Books are available in e-books and audio-books but not included in this offer.
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