Page 1 on Google! The Reward…After Four Years!

‘believe in what isn’t…as if it were…until it becomes…’

Four years ago my web site designer, Leon Adato, designed my web site and insisted that if I wanted to be any kind of viable force in cyber-space that I would have to write a blog. He said the results wouldn’t be over night and might take years, but my work would be noticed.  It seems silly now, as I write this, but my first reaction was:

‘No!  I don’t wanna!  It will take me away from my writing.  I have nothing to say.  What would I write about?’  I threw a tantrum, basically.  But it turned out that I had something to say….about the craft of writing.  And then I discovered chatting with other authors was a hoot and began interviewing them (some very famous ones).  And then I received requests to review books…and so it went.

The reward.   Google.logoJust for fun (and you should do this too to know where you are in the food chain) I Googled several books/plays that I have written.  And found that Leon’s advice had paid off.  Big time!

My Creative Writing Journals/How To Handbooks are on page 1 on Google  (out of 12,000,000 results)
My Journal for Men is on page 1 (out of 54,000,000 results)Neon.RMWO_cover_spine_REV84_copy
My Journals for Women is on page 1 (out of 85,000,000 results)
My Short (10 min.) Plays is on page 1 (out of 85,500,000 results)
My ‘How To Write a Play’ is on page 2 (out of 568,000,000 results)

CW.Cover.ScanIt certainly didn’t happen over night and it involved a lot of hard work.  Writing posts for my blog BULLIES.CoverImagetwice a week, posting to social media, interviewing authors, editing my current books and readying them for publication…it seems to go on and on.
Now here’s the trick.  To find balance.  Has my creative writing suffered?  Yes.  I don’t feel that I am quite so prolific as I was.  But my fans and friends say, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.  In the past eight months you’ve written 2 more short plays, and are making headway on your true crime series.”

I guess what I am trying to convey to other writers is don’t give up.  You will get results.  But it takes an enormous effort.  Most of us just want to hide out in our creative space and WRITE!  The challenge is to find time for it all and still do the thing we are driven to do….write our stories.

So I’ve made a hard decision; that is to cut back on my blog to once a week, stop reviewing books for awhile, and do some serious, creative writing.

Your.Fat.Ugle.BookCoverImage“…then I went on to college where the only molesting I could see going on was
what they did to your mind.” Charles Bukowski
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  1. Dear Facebook Friend … As a librarian and book lover, I enjoyed reading your blog posts including this latest post.

    I would like to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award.

    I have also posted a link on my blog to this blog:

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