Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom ** A Review

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Glory Over Everything by Kathleen

Volumes have been written about America’s Civil War and we have been led to believe it was ALL about slavery.  In this writer’s opinion, when it comes to politics it’s never that simple or pure.  Power, economics, global presence also played a part in our civil war.

Little has been written about the southern states and slavery that is so profoundly beautiful as The Kitchen House and now, the long awaited, Glory Over Everything.

We join Jamie Pyke again and watch his struggle with ‘living white’. The natural son of a plantation owner and his kitchen slave. How does one conciliate oneself to the deception when all about them is the horror of slavery?  It all comes tumbling down when Jamie is compelled to keep a promise and travels back to the South that he had once escaped from.  Will he be so lucky a second time?

Recently, as I prepared my interview (coming later this month, April) with this stellar writer, I commented to Kathleen that her writing was pure prose.  She replied, “Thank you.  My mentor was a poet.”  I was not surprised.  Mark Twain said, The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Kathleen has learned this lesson well.

Kathleen.Grissom.Signing%20GOEMy only complaint with her writing is that we, the fans, have to wait too long for her next book.  Which, my sources tell me, will be the story of a native American Crow woman called, Crow Mary.

It’s been my pleasure and honor to review her work.  This is a ‘Don’t Miss’ book!  Later in April we’ll visit behind the scenes and learn about Kathleen’s writing process.

Glory Over Everything is on sale: TODAY!

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