New Poetry

This wrote itself.  Sometimes that happens, poets say.2A.girl.write..mouse_1

heart    ©

the heart
pumping, nourishing the body’s life
feeding life’s blood, glistening, pumping

the heart
the largest vessel in the universe
it  holds as much love and grief
as its host fills it with
its capacity never replete,

the heart
still there is room for more
joy, pain, love, grief, ache
bleeding out with sorrow
surfeit with joyous wonder

and still there is room for
and more
and more

A.weep.WillowLeft behind   ©  (Renku)

Let me come with you
waking each morning forget
between sleep and wake

if I reach for you
across the lonely bed you
will be there warm with sleep

I hear your voice, feel
your foot fall, your presence there
I speak loud to you

Curse you for leaving
pleading with you to return,
begging fate turn back the clock

beseech events not
different, so at the last
moment, I save you
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2 thoughts on “New Poetry”

  1. Love poetry .just visit don’t know of it, all the to see more also like to know where i could show some of my poetry writing .thanks. .Cilia Santos..

    1. The offer is still open to my readers and subscribers to send me their Haiku poetry. Do you write that style??
      You can also look up ‘Poetry Magazines’ and submit them. You can showcase your poetry on too.
      Hope this helps.

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