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2A.girl.write..mouse_1I was rattling on, to my 82 year old brother, about ‘cc’ing’ my email to a team of people.  I stopped…realizing that he had no idea what I was talking about. And then he confirmed by asking, “you mean your private email went to other people? That’s not good.” 

It got me to thinking about our urban dictionary and how we use ‘pop’ phrases. I’m no ‘spring chicken’ (a different decade) but I can’t help using today’s vernacular. So with a giggle and an abiding love of words, I thought I’d write a post about it.

CC:  ‘I cc’d it to the team.‘  cc:  at the bottom of a paper letter or memo meant that the people listed got a copy of the message.  Today if I ‘cc’ Joe Smith, it would really mean I made a copy of Joe.

I’m Going to Starbucks:  Everyone on the planet knows this phrase means you’re going for a coffee. Coffee.Image

Pampers: This used to be a verb;  to pamper (or take special care of) someone. In today’s culture you immediately understand that it is in reference to baby’s diapers and has gone beyond a brand name.

Post: To post a letter (1900’s)letters. a stick in the ground holding up a fence. A finish to a horse race.  In today’s world the accepted understanding is to send out a letter or an opinion to the Internet world.

Text:  Back in the day, a text usually referred to a non-fiction book. The words that make up the main textpart of a book, magazine, newspaper, A book that is studied.  Today, most everyone uses the term as an action word; ‘text me that information‘ or a noun; ‘I got a text from her.

Sick:  Today we use the word to describe something or someone who is cool, awesome, brilliant.  Yes, it still is used when you feel ill, but if you’re ‘way cool’ you use it as the first definition.

Besties:  I think this made-up word for best friends might have originated on The Big Bang Theory.writing, blogs, blogger, comedy, Chuck Lorre, iconic television It’s cute, affectionate, and not a word; BUT you will find it in the Urban Dictionaries.
(A part of my series: Mama Always Said, Life is like a Box of Chocolates)  READERS!  Send me a couple of your favorite ones and I’ll post a part 2 of this post!

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