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Every time I begin a new Dean Koontz novel (and I’ve read them all!) a few chapters in I say to myself, ‘this is the best one ever’. And it is. Just a few pages into this story, imagine my delight when a golden retriever, Olaf, appears in Bibi’s life.  Why? you might ask?

Dean Koontz and I have had a ‘doggy’ friendship for close to 20 years.  Over those years, he and I have coincidentally adopted rescue/service Golden Retrievers.

Dean Koontz and Trixie

Dean and his beloved Trixie

I’m on my fourth. Dean’s latest is lovely Anna. (for more about this read my interview with Dean).


Gus & Rocky

I challenge any reader to not be totally enchanted by the third…no…the first chapter of Ashley Bell.  Dean writes what I call poetry-fiction…prose. Writing about a foggy coastal night:  “…those fumes were only slithers of mist seeping through the screen that covered the attic vents. As though the ocean of fog outside possessed curiosity about the contents of the houses currently submerged in it…” The imagery he creates makes me weep, as a writer. The characters draw you in and leave you rooting for them, hoping nothing bad happens, wanting a happy ending for someone besides yourself.

Then about Chapter 20 the Koontz-scaries set in.  A shadow, a creaking board, a feeling of evil….it’s too delicious!  Fans who read my reviews know by now that I don’t give the reader chapter and verse of the story line.  Why would I spoil it for you?  What I will tell you is when you pick up your copy of Ashley Bell, turn on all the lights in your house to dissolve the shadows, don’t read this story late at night; you’ll be too scared to sleep, and be prepared to believe in imagined things that go bump in the night!

There comes a twist in the story (Koontz-style) that took this reviewer’s breath away.  That’s all I’m going to tell my readers….Ashley Bell IS Dean’s best story to date.  And happily I suspect there will be a sequel.
‘.….there go two dead girls….’

On sale: December 8th.
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