‘Writers! Never Give Up!’ said the mouse ….

courage, writing, creating, writers, bravery,      Sometimes the business of writing is like the mouse trap; ready to snap our heads off in an instant!  Like this brave little mouse, never give up on yourself.  Believe in yourself and your writing and  put your helmet on and get back in the game!

(A year and a half later visitors are still reading this post, so I thought it deserved another airing.)

What prompted the idea of the helmet?  (what prompts you to write? and about what?) Did the little mouse see his grandpa die by mouse trap?  (are you writing about something you heard, saw, witnessed?) Where did the mouse get the helmet? And how did he know that trap-bar hitting hard surface of helmet equaled safety?  (are you researching your facts thoroughly?)  Or did the mouse listen to a folk tale at his mother’s knee, passed down from generation to generation, about a brave ancestor who foiled the mouse trap?

Like the piece of cheese, it will all be worth it in the end.  Keep writing every day.  Oh, I know what you think……you throw  your #2 pencil or your pen down, anxnst.mousedefeated, or you push your keyboard away in disgust and say to yourself, “this is crap!  Why did I ever think I could write?”

And yeah, some of it won’t be your best writing. So what?  Stick it in a drawer and let it rise like bread.  Take it back out in a month, a year, a decade…….you might find you have something after all.  Write something else, write something you know about, write a story based on an anecdote from your grandma’s story telling. Write about a segment you saw from a TV magazine.  Write about real issues that face a particular group of people.  But, always write from the gut!  I do!  Sometimes it can be painful, too close to home but it ‘must be said’.

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