My New Best Friend….my Editor!

Like most writers I thought I could write fairly well, trying to improve with every new book.  UNTIL I met my editor, Cindy Professional Editors Davis.  She is not only my watch-dog for grammar, punctuation and such, she urges me forward by asking key questions about my characters and story line.

She keeps me in my character’s head and always, always seeking their point of view.

It took me a couple of tries to find the exact perfect editor for me.  A professional who does editing as a full time job and not some hobbyist that call themselves an editor.  Meanwhile, always making excuses about not responding to me, the client.  ‘I have to run into town’, ‘I have to go and get my truck serviced’, ‘my truck was stolen’ …..every day a new excuse. Meanwhile I was five chapters ahead of her trying to get work done.The throes of writing

Then I found Cindy.  She is a wonderful ‘substantive’ editor and inspires me to write whole chapters! NEW ones!  She is indeed, the ‘fiction doctor,‘ having edited hundreds of books.  Looking deeper into the story she inspires me to add, flesh out, develop my characters through their point of view.  It’s a wonderful tool to learn as I tend to rush through my story. (typical triple A personality)  At least I know my failing, right?

I don’t care who you are…..a newbie writer, or a famous one; we all need help and a fresh pair of eyes to look at our work.  If you read any of my author interviews you will quickly see that even the most polished writer, making millions from their book sales, Editor.2always and forever thank their editor.

By the way, Cindy’s rates are very fair.


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2 thoughts on “My New Best Friend….my Editor!”

  1. Wearing one characters’ skin at a time and staying true to their perspective at all times is quite a skill to learn. Great editors look for times the writer crosses the line, inserting herself into that space. Glad you have a good person working with you.

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