A Review…The Edge of Dreams by Rhys Bowen

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Best selling fiction
Best selling fiction

From the first page, I was back in Patchin Place (a  tiny dead-end street in the back waters of New York City) with Molly Murphy (woman detective) and her two dearest friends, Gus and Sid. (actually Elena Goldfarb and Augusta Walcott).  Two flamboyant, sophisticated, modern women who have had a long term relationship.  Two that I would love to have as friends.

My only critique is the trade-off Molly has made to give up her independent life style and her newly flourishing detective career, in order to marry her love.  Who happens to be a Captain with the NYPD.  It’s 1905 so Molly’s career is frowned upon by not only her husband’s superiors but even her husband and she has promised to officially give up her detecting.  But….delicious new mysteries keep cropping up!

Rhys Bowen’s plot is tightly woven and not until the last few chapters are we really certain who the murderer is.  My favorite kind of mystery.  As always the rich, intriguing characters are well thought out. There are strong story lines that continue from book to book so I highly recommend, even though each book stands alone, that readers begin with book one of the Molly Murphy Mysteries.

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