It Shouldn’t Work….A Review “Suspicion at Seven”

reviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing Rating: 5 out of 5 quills     “Suspicion at Seven” by Ann Purser


These plots shouldn’t work……but they do in the most charming and understated way.    The owner of New Brooms, Lois Meade is an amateur sleuth and has a team of ‘cleaners’ (merry maids) that keep their ears to the ground when foul play occurs.  Cunningly simple and a delight for readers.

The setting is a small village in rural England where Lois has lived most of her life.  She has raised threeSusp.7.Purser.Scan children and now lives with her husband, Derek, and her mother, Gran, who rules the house with an ungloved hand. (no velvet gloves here!)

Village life and all the characters that make up a community are artfully woven into each mystery.
You will love the core of people that show up in each book.  Lois Meade, our no-nonsense, hard working heroine, Dot Nimmo, a gangster’s widow and now one of Lois’ best cleaners.  Mrs. Tollervey-Jones, the lady of the manor, Inspector Cowgill, top-cop detective who has a life long crush on Lois and Josie, Lois’ daughter who runs the village shop.  Derek Meade, Lois’ long suffering husband who puts up with Lois and her ‘ferreting’.

If you enjoy rich characters, tongue-in-cheek humor and interesting plots this series is for you.  I would recommend starting at the beginning with “Murder On Monday“.

Suspicion at Seven will go on sale December 2nd.

writers, authors, interviews, best sellersClick here to read my INTERVIEW with Ann Purser.  She was one of my first authors to agree to an interview, over two years ago, and her generosity gave me the courage to continue and ask others for their time.



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