Haiku Poetry from around the World and here at Home!


As promised, send me your poetry (Haiku) and I will post it.  The surprising and delightful thing is I received poetry from all ages and from as far away as India and Argentina.  It’s only fitting that we begin with one from the master.


Untitled    (Bashô, Japan)

the first cold shower;
even the monkey seems to want
a little coat of straw.

To enjoy life  (María del Carmen Chiappero, Argentina)

The lovely sun shines,trees.sun7
the wind blows by the window,
an old sweet song sounds.

With a melody,
Many melancholy words
leave a deep meaning.

We´re “dust in the wind”.
We´re all part of this giant big world,
but we´re very small.

Moments don’t come back
life goes on now, step by step
Then let´s enjoy life.

Miraculous    (Noelle, a fellow author. USA)

spider.web.1CRSpiders’ sticky webs
God’s miraculous design
Sparkling with bright dew




Take a break every day  ( María del Carmen Chiappero, Argentina)

Take a break today…
Watch and enjoy the landscape,
walk and breathe deeply.

Take a break today…
A beautiful song sounds near,
dance as you like it.

Take a break today…
Paint your work with the colours,
hear your heart wishes.

Take a break today…
Smile and sing an easy song,
imagine the best.

Enjoy each moment,
observe the beauty of life.
Take a break always

Candylickious  (Charles, 6yrs old*USA)

Strawberry cone meltsicecream35
I lick around and around
the world’s best candy

Coco the Hot Dog (Chesley, 9, USA)

The silky seal slithers
under the warm bed covers
curling for a nap

The smell that bought back memories  (Sneha RV,  7th Grade, India)

An acquainted scent…
That of soft, wet mud stepped on..
Oh! The good old days

Morning Guest
(Kate, 43, USA)

Outline of window
blazes white hot, lighting the floor
the sun’s bright, brief kiss

Bengali Women  (Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty, India)

Bengali women squattingbengali.woman6
Pitchers, bangles,gossips
The river Barak indifferent

September Haiku  (Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty, India)

Birds yellow
Tree of life
A painting

Fall Opens the Door  (Renku/Haiku/Trisha Sugarek, USA)

morning sun dapples
trees in a polka-dot dress
shines soft green and light

chill hint of autumnfall.leaves.1d
smells of summer, loam, and pause
visions of winter

sap returns from leaves
to store deep in the tree heart
yellow, red, orange, burnt



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