There’s a Tinge of Sadness to my Laugh! Charles Bukowski

Bukowski.More from Charles Bukowski……..His insight is pure truth but who among us would think in quite this way?  Never a glass far from his hand, never a woman far from his arm, never a stubby pencil far from his fingers, never a cat not winding its way around his legs, never many days going by without watching the horses race…the genius wrote and wrote and then wrote some more… and very little of it was false.  A lot of his humor was cloaked in irony if you look very closely.

wearing the collar  © Bukowski

I live with a lady and four cats
and some days we all get along.

some days I have trouble with
one of the

other days I have trouble
two of the

other days,

some days I have trouble with
all four of the cats.

and the

ten eyes looking at me
as if I was a dog.

See what I mean?  I myself have seen my cat look at a human (sometimes me) with a disdainful expression that said, “what a foolish creature this human is….she’s almost as dumb as the dog.”

And then I offer this just because I’m in a mood of nostalgia and I miss Hank’s perverse sense of humor….

this  ©  Charles Bukowski

being drunk at the typer (typewriter) beats being with any woman
I’ve ever seen or known or heard about
Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Garbo, Harlow,M.M. or any of the thousands that come and go on the
celluloid screen

or the temporary girls I’ve seen so lovely
on park benches, on buses, ,at dances and parties, ,at
beauty contests, cafes, circuses, parades, departmentbukow.typwriter
sotres, skeep shoots, balloon flys, auto races, rodeos,
bull fights, mud wrestling, roller derbies, pie bales,
churches, volleyball games, boat races county fairs,
rock concerts, jails, laundromats or wherever

being drunk at this typer beats being with any woman
I’ve ever seen or

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