REVIEW…’Queen of Hearts’ by Rhys Bowen

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Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen

I love my job!  Especially when the best selling author and their publicist asks me to review the ‘new book’.  Rhys’ newest book in the Royal Spyness series goes on sale today.

Lady Georgiana Rannoch is a cousin to the present King of England (1934) and umpteenth in the line of succession to the throne.   Never able to keep a job for long and struggling to keep food on the table for her and her maid, Queenie, her (absent) Mummy appears and wants her to go to America with her.  And that is where the style, glamour, decadence and fun begins. And the cherry on the top is a jewel thief and a nice juicy murder! 

ReviewFans of Rhys Bowen, like me, await the next adventure that ‘Georgie’ finds herself in and Queen of Hearts doesn’t disappoint us.  It is chock full of glamorous luxury liners like the Queen Mary and the glitter of old Hollywood.  When one man had all the power at a studio (no board of directors in those days) and could make or break an actor overnight, and did!

Bowen weaves England’s factual history through every story.  In this one, she incorporates the Royals (of the day), Mrs. Wallis Simpson, (King Edward’s paramour)  the ships crossing the Atlantic at the time,  the threat of Hitler, and the great screen stars of old Hollywood.  And, thank you, Rhys, for bringing back the maid, Queenie.  She is a hoot!!

I’m not a reviewer who fills the page with the plot and story….So, with an oh-so-satisfied sigh, I turn the last page as Georgiana’s outrageous mother announces: “I want to be back home (England) where there are no silly ideas of equality and I can buy a decent face cream!”

I’ve read all of the Royal Spyness series and this is probably my favorite to date.  They all stand alone as stories, but for the best experience, read them in order if you can.  You’ll be happy you did!

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