‘My momma always said, ‘Life is Like a Box of Chocolates’….or words (part 6)

In case you haven’t noticed…I’m a word junkie!  I’ve been collecting more words ……… these are obscure and have no relation to any message I am sending out….I was just fascinated by how they sound...and not like anything in their meaning.

IM'ingAsynchronous: sending data in one direction. Relating to or using an electronic communication method that sends data in one direction.
We know this as IM or instant messaging.

   Pastiche: something (such as a piece of writing, music, etc.) that imitates the style of someone or something else. On the play ground we called this ‘copy-cat’.copycat




fullfiguredzaftig : with a full-figured body.  A woman, a wine or a boat.



panoply: a large and impressive range of things.panaoply





exquisite example
exquisite example

chiaroscuro: the use of light and shade in paintings and drawings or the effect produced by this. Could describe the use of shadings in a story.




Puerile: childish, relating to or characteristics of childhoodchild




Teach me a new word and I’m a happy writer!!!


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