Ten Reasons Why Writing is Good for You

Happened to Stumbled Upon This Great List of why Writing and Creating is good for you!   As if we didn’t already know!write1

Creativity has been proven to have positive effects on health, self-esteem and vitality

Writing is good for your brain, creates a state similar to meditation

Writing hones your powers of observation, giving you a fuller experience of life

Writing hones your powers of concentration and attention, which is more fractured than ever thanks to technology and TV

Writing connects you with others through blogging, writing groups, live readings, and self-publishing outlets
Through writing we preserve stories and memories that may otherwise be lost

write3Writing entertains you and others, and having fun is an important part of good health

Writing strengthens your imagination, and imagination is key to feeling hope and joy

Writing helps heal and process wounds and grief, clearing them out

Life is too short not to do what you enjoywrite2

Courtesy of Jordan E. Rosenfeld  “I have a simple philosophy in all that I do: “Practice. Polish. Persist.” Make your writing life into an ongoing, deep writing practice that can survive the test of time, discouragement and change. Never stop trying to become better and polish your work, learn new things, take classes and feed both your muse and your craft. But what will set you apart is your persistence.

Don’t give up.”write4


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