How Do You Know When you’ve Lived Too Long?

senior3I  got to thinking….the world is passing me by …I can’t keep up ….my knees are too bad.  So when do you start to think ‘maybe I’ve just been around too long?’  Here are some clues:

when you don’t know any of the songs on American Idol

When you don’t recognize anyone on the ‘red carpet’

When you put your cup of coffee/tea in the frig instead of the microwave to warm it up

When you’re very good at opening childproof caps…. with a hammer

When you take a nap at 4 in the afternoon against your will

When you have your own teeth but they’re mostly fillingssenior1

When you call customer service for help and get someone who can speak English, but can’t understand English.

When you are not shy to ask for a ‘senior discount’

When you have to get up 3-4 times in the night to go

When you’re only cranky when it comes to traffic, waiting, children, politicians, customer service and know-it-alls

When you find yourself saying, ‘excuse me?’ or ‘huh?’ too many times

manwomanWhen you’re wrinkled, saggy and lumpy, and that’s just your left leg

When you have trouble remembering simple words like… uh…


sen4When you’re the life of the party… as long as it doesn’t last past 8pm

When anyone under thirty years of age looks like they’re twelve

When you used to drive five miles over the speed limit and now drive five miles under

When you find yourself talking back to the automated voice while you’re on hold


Mostly I am poking fun at myself.  The upside of things  is that, in this last quarter of my life, sen5

I have to put up with…..damn little!!!





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