Being a Serious Writer is Lonely Work!

writersIt struck me this morning (and other mornings) that writing is a lonely job.  There’s nobody patting you on the back after you’ve written an exceptional chapter or verse, or sentence.  You can’t count the people who love you because they love you and will always tell you, “It’s Great!”
If you look back to my interviews with other authors you’ll see that they too, no matter how famous, are sitting in their space trying to write the next brilliant thing….just them and their tablet or computer or notebook, their faithful dog or bird or cat at their side, ALONE!  It’s a daunting experience and hard work.  What if you’re not good enough?  What if no one wants to read your stuff?  What if someone laughs?

I can’t tell you it won’t be lonely, discouraging, miserable.  It may lead you to smoking, drinking, cussing and just being a general pain inwriter.drunk the a–.  What I can tell you is that you are NOT alone!   We other writers are right there with you, in spirit, suffering the same vulnerabilities, doubts, and thoughts of quitting.  But we don’t….we can’t…we have something to say and there’s always that next really good story to tell.  Right?

It was only in the past few years that I’ve had people come into my writing world that, while being honest with me, have given me encouragement.  And those few will never know how much their praise keeps me going.

writerThe other enemy of most writers is time.  Not enough of it.  You try to write every day ; you had every intention to start today…but let’s face it…life gets in the way.  Jobs, family, friends.  Oh, did I mention being a writer is a selfish endevour?  IT HAS TO BE.

It’s lonelier still when you are self published.  Because you don’t have a team or an editor who is going to critique your work.  In the traditional publishing houses (if you are lucky enough to go that route)  the first draft will be reviewed and (sometimes) torn apart so that you can put it back together again.  The down side for me with being published by a traditional publisher is TIME.  It takes about two years for your manuscript to hit the stores.

Writing for me is the same as breathing, eating, sleeping….I can’t not do it.wrwiter  There is no easy answer….if you are a serious writer you will write.  You will carve out time for your passion.  You will keep writing until you get it right.  If that story didn’t work, you’ll go on to the next story until it does work.  And remember, you are not alone,  we’re all in the same boat!


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One thought on “Being a Serious Writer is Lonely Work!”

  1. Trisha,
    I am so proud of you and your commitment to your craft. 2 blogs a week in addition to all of the other writing, interviews, plays, etc. that you do is impressive. You have been very inspiring to me. Although I am very busy with my newsletter and blog and my life, my goal is to publish my book this year. I hope that all is well with you my friend. Love, Jodeen

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