Wishing you the Best Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

I ran through this bush and it came home with me

I ran through this bush and it came home with me

My two Golden Retrievers, Gus and Rocky and cat, Fiona (dog dressed in a cat suit)  and I want to wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons!!

These photos are from many family/dog albums of people who have discovered the special love and devotion that only a dog can give you….especially a Golden.

My three (to date) Goldens were rescued and I adopted them from “Grateful Goldens“, a tri-state rescue organization.  They vet YOU thoroughly and they have vetted the dog you are going to bring to its ‘forever home’.


What tree?

Yes, these are pure breeds at Grateful Goldens.  I for one will never BUY another dog.

Gus & Fiona, BFF's.

Gus & Fiona, BFF’s.


I’m so happy I have to close my eyes to really enjoy it!


Christmas can be exhausting!

Christmas can be exhausting!

Too much turkey!

Too much turkey!

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