Ever Think That You Could Write Haiku Poetry?

Haiku, poetry, writing, blogging, Japanese, writer, writingWant to try your hand at writing Haiku?  It’s fun, creative and easy once you commit to the fact that ‘less is more’.

When I begin a new haiku I keep it short and don’t worry about the number of syllables in each line; you can trim it later.  Stay as true to the form as possible but still get the essence of your poetry down.

Five Syllables, then Seven  ©  by Trisha Sugarek

pocket full of poems
little stories at a glance
makes me cry, laugh, sigh

pocket full of poems
glimpses into a deep heart
bares all, bares nothing

syllables counted
the soul giggles, delighted
with the ancient prose

The Seasons of the Sun ©

angle of fall’s sun
so different from spring’s rays
dapples the sun porch

end of hot summer
the crisp, sharp tang of fall’s breath
smokes the air about

a waiting for sleep
under the blanket of snow
until spring sun beams

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