Inspiration?….anywhere I can get it! (part 6)

inspiration, Robert Service, writing                  I was re-reading some of Robert Service’s poetry the other day preparing a new posting for my blog.  And I happened across one I had not read before…..entitled ‘Inspiration’  I  find it  fascinating that writers are saying the same thing whether it is  1900 or 2013 .

It inspired me to share it with you because the poem talks about the same things that I’ve said.  About being open to what’s around you; how it can inspire you.  Who’s around you;  it can inspire you.  What you hear and see;  it can inspire you.

INSPIRATION  by Robert Service

How often have I started out
with no thought in my noddle,
and wandered here and there about,
where fancy bade me toddle;;
 till feeling faunlike in my glee
 I’ve voiced some gay dsitiches,
returning joyfully to tea,
a poem in my britches.

A-squatting on a thymy slope
with vast of sky about me,
I’ve scribbled on an envelope
the rhymes the hills would shout me;
the couplets that the trees would call,
the lays the breezes proffered…
 oh no, I didn’t think at all-
I took what Nature offered.

For that’s the way you ought to write-
without a trace of trouble;
be super-charged with high delight
and let the words out-bubble;
be voice of vale and wood and streamservice
without design or proem:

then rouse from out a golden dream
to find you’ve made a poem.

So I’ll go forth with mind a blank,
and sea and sky will spell me;
and lolling on a thymy bank
I’ll take down what they tell me;
as Mother Nature speaks to me
her words I’ll gaily docket,
so I’ll come singing home to tea
a poem in my pocket.
inspiration, cabin, writing, writersI’ve mentioned before how nurturing my cabin is, tucked in a hollow in the Blue Ridge mountains of north Georgia. And like Robert Service I have responded to stream, vale, wood, sky and trees (particularly when I write Haiku).  I have had some of my best writing hours there.  A ripple on the pond, a single leaf floating down amidst the branches, the sun winking between trees, the song of a bird; all have given me inspiration and quieted this crazed thing between my ears.  Open your heart, your mind, your eyes and ears and inspiration will find you!


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