The Vampires are Thirsty! A Review…Robert McCammon’s ‘I Travel by Night’

Rating: (4 out of 5 quills) QuillQuillQuillQuill      “I Travel by Night”

From the first few pages the reader is catapulted  into best sellers, writers, interviews, authorsMcCammon’s 19th century New Orleans, a city of shadows, indulgences, and exotic sights and smells. The descriptions are a rich tapestry of post-civil war days in the old south.

While the undead, horrific creatures, and spine chilling story telling are not exactly my personal taste in reading, I found McCammon’s style of writing captivating. I expected ‘blood and guts’ and got, instead, an attention grabbing vampire-hero who wants to redeem himself while rescuing humans.   Like a fatal car crash I really didn’t want to look,  but I couldn’t help but read it to the last riveting page.

(excerpt)  “… carriages moved here and there in no particular hurry as if the night had no beginning nor end; piano music spilled into the puddled streets from rooms made golden by candlelight, the timeless river washed against the piers and pilings of exquisite decay, and the brick walls that had stood in the reign of the Ibervilles still stood in defiance of sun, wind, the dampness of the swamp and the hands of modern men.  It was a magic and mystical city, wild in its freedoms and sacred in its charms…..”

The new story marks  McCammon’s return to ‘the sort of flamboyant, go-for-broke horror fiction that has earned him an international reputation and a legion of devoted fans. The terrors of the Dark Society, and the tortured existence of the unforgettable vampire adventurer Trevor Lawson create a consuming atmosphere and will, once again, please McCammon’s loyal readers.’

For Lawson, the horrors that stalked the Civil War battlefield at Shiloh were more than just those of war. After being forcibly given the gift of undead by the mysterious vampire queen LaRouge, Lawson chose to cling to what remained of his humanity and fought his way free of the Dark Society’s clutches. In the decades since, he has roamed late nineteenth century America, doing what good he can as he travels by night, combating evils mundane and supernatural, and always seeking the key to regaining a mortal life.’

Released on May 31st.  To read my interview with Robert McCammon click here(review at the request of author/publicist)


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