You live to write, You stop! You Die!


famous authors, Bukowski, writers,    I have been obsessed with Charles Bukowski for weeks now.  I sort of  randomly discovered him, fell in love, ordered his book of poems, ‘The Pleasures of the Damned’ and now I’m his forever!   (March 14th)

   One day, much to my amazement, I found tucked away in my very messy bookcase, a movie based on Bukowski’s life starring Matt Dillon. I’m ashamed to say that a friend had given me the DVD as a gift and I never bothered to watch it. (in my pre-Bukowski days)  “Factotum” is a disturbing and fascinating look into Bukowski’s  early years as an alcoholic, unknown writer who was frequently homeless as he went from job to job, from bar to bar, from woman to woman,  from job to job, from bar to……

Bukowski writes about the raw, and sometimes ugly, world in which he lived.  A world that you and I may never experience, a world of the downtrodden, poor, weak, drunk, and doped up, (and what polite society would call) losers.
The saving grace of this man was the PURE TRUTH in which he wrote!  

 This book reads like an autobiography of his life…all in prose.  I was struck by this piece in particular .  Bukowski knew exactly who and what he was.

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the old fart, he used his literary reputation
to reel them in one at a time,
each younger than the last.
he liked to meet them for luncheon and wine
and he’d talk and listen to them talk.
whatever wife or girlfriend he had at the moment
was made to understand that this sort of thing made him
feel ‘young again’.
and when the luncheons become more than luncheons
the young ladies vied to bed down with
in between he continued to write,
and late at night in his favorite bar
he liked to talk about writing and his amorous adventures.
actually, he was just a drunk who liked young ladies,bukowski, famous authors, writers
writing itself and talking about writing.
it wasn’t a bad life.
it was certainly more interesting than what most men were doing.
at one time he was probably the most famous writer in the world.
many tried to write like he did
drink like he did
act like he did
but he was the original.
then life began to catch up with him.
he began to age quickly
his large bulk began to wither.
he was growing old before his time.
finally it got to where he couldn’t write anymore.
“it just wouldn’t come” and the psychiatrists couldn’t do anything
for him but only made it worse.
then he took his own cure, early one morning,
just as his father had done
many years before.

a writer who can’t write any
more is dead
he knew that.
he knew that what he was killing
was already dead.

and then the criticsbukowski.   book
and the hangers-on
and the publicists
and his heirs
moved in like vultures.
‘Everything you need to know about life are in these pages by Bukowski.   He knew when it was all over.  He was used up; he had given all that he could, he had nothing more to saySo he left……the screen door slapping softly shut behind him.’  ~~T.Sugarek

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