My Creative Self has ADD!

writing, blogs, authors, creating,writers           Here I sit, once again, in my night T-shirt……….. and it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

It was just fifteen minutes ago (six hours ago) that I sat down to read and respond to email while my morning tea brewed.

As I was replying to my mail, a new author interview response came in and I couldn’t wait to read it and prepare it for my blog.  It was from Jo-Ann Mapson and was so rich with details about her writing life that I couldn’t wait to put it on the blog’s calendar for this month. (February)

I am also in the middle of editing a new short play, “A Dime Bag of Weed“.  As I mentioned before I write things in my head for several days, then slam it down on paper, (in my case, computer screen), and then I begin editing.  It’s been the toughest one (of the 25) to write because I didn’t want the story line to become a cliché. I had to find a way to approach it from a teen’s prospective and not mine;   ‘Parents against drugs’….’adults know better’…lecture, lecture, blah, blah, blah.  A sure-fire turn off for teenagers.

I’m also editing (once again) my second children’s book for the AUDIO market place. Every time I go through the editing process, a better book pops out the other side.

An idea for a murder mystery bubbles up and I push it away…..’Go away, wait a bit, I’ve got enough to do….‘  but it is insistent!

And then I began to write this posting in my head …….and then thought of a few more authors I want to contact to ask them for an interview….see? bona fide ADD.

Is this cerebral chaos  a bad thing?…I don’t think so…it seems to work for me.   I wanted to tell you just how crazed my writing life can be so that any pressure you might be feeling will ease.  There is no right or wrong way to how we work when we are writing.  The most important thing is to keep writing, every day if you can, even if you think what you are writing is not important; it just might  be someday.   I think even now, in the early days of my interviews with other authors, that fact is shining through.

…….so guess I’d better go shower, eat something, play with the dogs, (a tennis ball is calling) and turn off my brain for awhile.  HA!  Fat chance of that!!

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