Appearing in Your Own Ironic Little Story

Back on September 27th I wrote a post about finding inspiration for my writing in weird places… check-out lines….inspiration, writing, story telling, blogging, blogs, short stories,, short plays, life

to quote myself,  “Well, it turned out that in front of the ‘boxes’ in his cart, and out of my line of sight, were two dozen very tiny cans of dog food.  It seems that you can buy three tablespoons of dog food in individual cans for your darling pet……”

Now I am starring in my own ironic story of September 27th.  You see, I have acquired a inspiration,writing, blogging, ironynew kitten, 12 weeks old, and like a good parent (the other day) I was buying the cat food that she prefers.  Fancy Feast, Classic. In a rainbow of flavors: salmon, seafood, turkey. All in adorable 3 Tablespoon sized cans.  And of course another new toy for Fiona’s playtime pleasure.

I was instantly reminded of the old man whom I had observed, not so long ago, indulging his pet’s needs. Now, I found myself chuckling as I stood alone in the check out line, much to the dismay of my neighbors.   Then, with relief, they realized that I was not a danger to them or their children….just some daffy old woman with her twenty cans of cat food. (They were on sale)

I had become a cliché!

What, you ask, has this to do with writing?  Well, I guess I am emphasizing again to keep your ears and eyes, and particularly your minds open to the possibilities.  I have found my stories in prison visiting rooms, my own relationships, reality dance TV shows, a plethora of childhood family stories, dating sites, a haunted lighthouse……..the list goes on and on.

And, who knows, maybe I was someone’s muse, an inspiration that day in the check out line.  Perhaps the young man behind me will rush back to his studio and paint me, or the middle-aged woman in front will return home to write a short story about the elderly woman with the fiery red hair and her 20 cans of cat food.  Wondering all the while, how many cats did I really have?

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