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playwright, author, poet  "It takes a tightrope artist of a writer to create chapters that successfully delve into a killer's thoughts without revealing his identity in the process, but Sugarek achieves this with a dance of introspection that reveals a killer's religious rituals and the emotional turmoil..." Midwest Book Review of the Angel of Murder

My web site and BLOG (which now reaches over a half of a million viewers on social media) are dedicated to the art of writing and story telling.    Sharing my ideas, offering other writers help and encouragement.  And 'chatting' with other (best selling) authors about their writing process.

I work hard to continue to engage your interest and  share valuable topics, with you, about writing.    The art of writing is a long process and in my experience has taken me a whole lifetime.  I am still learning every day.  What I do know is that to be any good at writing, YOU must write!

In addition to my frequent posts, once a month a best-selling author will share their writing world with us in an interview. Don't miss it!

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My Interview with Peter May (part 3)

Q. How do you get from 'finished' book from 'no book'?  PeterMaySpainPort1

A. When I am happy with my outline, I can see what and where I still need to research. I make a list of all the locations in the story and I make a point of visiting every one of them. A sense of place is very important in my books, whether it is France, China, or the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. I never write about a place if I haven’t been there. I like to go and take video of the locations, making notes about what sort of things strike you when you are there – the heat, or cold, the smells etc.
When I get back from my location research I will make a short video of each location that I can replay when I am writing the scenes that are set there. Sometimes visiting the locations will cause me to have to change the story outline. I make any changes necessary, then I am ready to write.



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