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playwright, author, poetWELCOME!  to my world of writing and books.  My website and Blog (which reaches 26+ million  viewers on social media) are dedicated to writers, readers, creative writing, story telling and the theatre arts.    Sharing my ideas, offering other writers help and encouragement. The craft  is a long process and in my experience has taken me a whole lifetime.  I am still learning every day.  What I do know is to be any good at writing, you must write!

Included in my weekly posts: once a month a best-selling author will share their writing world with us in an interview. Don’t miss it!

  It takes a tightrope artist of a writer to create chapters that successfully delve into a killer’s thoughts without revealing his identity in the process, but Sugarek achieves this with a dance of introspection …” Midwest Book Review for  Angel of Murder

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Conclusion to my Interview with SiFi author, Dylan Callens

Q. What comes first to you? The Characters or the Situation?

DC. In Interpretation, the situation came first. That wasn’t the case in previous stories, but for this novel it was. I was on a bus listening to students talk about science fiction movies and I began to word-doodle a dystopian world. After that, I started reading about weird psychological experiments and came across the work of Dr. Jose Delgado. He did a great deal of research on mind control devices. From there, I started to wonder about the extreme ends of such an experiment. And that is the central situation in the novel.

Q. Do you ‘get lost’ in your writing?

DC. Oh yes, absolutely. I get so lost, in fact, that if I read my work a day later, it’s like reading someone else’s work. I can only recall the ideas that I put on the page and to see what I’ve written, the specific words that I’ve strung together, it’s like I was never there. Sometimes that’s a good thing but sometimes I’m mystified at what I was trying to get at. That’s why I have a great editor.

Q. Who or what is your “Muse” at the moment?

DC. Right now, you’re my muse, Trish. These are great questions    …….More

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‘Alaska was calling! LaVerne’s dream is to follow in Robert Service’s footsteps to the wilds of Alaska. At sixteen she was already writing her own music and she believed that her talent could only flourish on the back trails of the Yukon. Alone and impersonating a boy, she hires aboard a freighter and works her way to the north.This story is based on true events.

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~~‘As a writer, I marinate, speculate and hibernate.’  Trisha Sugarek ~~

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