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playwright, author, poetMy web site and blog are dedicated to the art of writing and story telling.    I have had a great time blogging. Sharing my ideas, offering other writers help and encouragement.  And 'chatting' with other (best selling) authors about their writing process.

I work hard to continue to engage your interest and  share valuable topics, with you, about writing.  I don’t profess to know all there is to know about what makes a good writer.  The art of writing is a long process and in my experience has taken me decades.  I am still learning every day.  What I do know is that to be any good at writing, YOU must write!

In addition to my frequent posts, once a month a best-selling author will share their writing world with us in an interview. Don't miss it!

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Review:  "....Trisha Sugarek gives you "permission" to scribble down ideas and not have to write the great American novel every time you put pen to paper. In the first couple of pages, she gets you going with examples and encouragement and she makes you realize that while writing is work, it's not impossible work...." D.Johnson


Cover.Angel - Copy   NOW AVAILABLE!  Book 4 of The World of Murder series. 

Murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have a serial killer on their hands in Book 4 of The World of Murder series. The bodies of children, dressed for communion, are turning up in all five boroughs of New York City and there are no suspects. To complicate their investigation, a private detective has been hired by one of the families to find one of the missing girls. In spite of all their efforts, O’Roarke and Garcia watch as their case goes cold. Who is this monster and when will he strike again?

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Listen to Sample    Bertie

Listen: Emma Retail Sample-

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