‘World of Murder’ True Crime Series

In The World of Murder series, Homicide Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia, two murder cops, seek out killers in New York City. The  eight books of the series involves the art world, backstage on Broadway, the seedy side of strip clubs, behind the scenes of the Catholic church, the twists and turns of the Food Network and its stars, the homeless camps of NYC and murder, the new tool of a video camera and a mass shooting.

              Just Released!  Book #8
      Shadow of Murder 

Another mass shooting at the most unlikely of places, a small neighborhood market run by an Indian family. Is it terrorism? Will there be more? Who would have a motive against this seemingly innocent family working in their store? O’Roarke, Garcia, and Phoebe Sneed’s personal lives all move along at a brisk pace, in spite of the complicated and cold case they are investigating.  

Called in on Detective O’Roarke’s first day back from his honeymoon trip. To make things worse, the killer slipped away leaving no clues, no evidence, no witnesses; leaving five dead and two mortally wounded. The case quickly goes cold. Out of desperation, the remaining family members bring in a physic-medium who has a strange vision. Who is this predator with amber eyes?

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Brush with Murder, Book #1

Ben is a struggling, unknown artist, living in a loft in Soho. From his third floor walk up, he watches his beautiful neighbor as she comes and goes. Too shy and reclusive to ask her out, he paints her again and again. Suddenly the police are at his door. His goddess, his dream woman is dead and the police like him for the crime. 



Dance of Murder Book #2

‘Strippers have been found with their throats cut and their dead eyes filled with glitter and the killer’s rage is escalating. To make things worse, Homicide Detectives, O’Roarke and Garcia have several dozen potential suspects all with a reason to murder these girls.’
Now the press has gotten hold of the story dubbing the murderer, ‘The Glitter Slasher’. City Hall is breathing down the necks of the Homicide Squad and insisting that they ‘get this thing solved!’ Before there are more dead bodies. Finally the two murder cops make an arrest. But, do they have the right person in custody?


New.cover. actofmurder_COVERIn Book 3,  Act of Murder, O’Roarke and Garcia are called when a famous Broadway director dies. It appears that everyone hated this man, making the murder cops’ job just that much harder. They have their pick of suspects as everyone within a five mile radius of Broadway had a reason to want this guy dead. From the jealous stage manager, to the resentful actors, to a disappointed and hurt lover. From a scorned understudy, to his ex-wives, any one of them could have cheerfully done him in. This mystery takes the reader back stage into the tumultuous, gossip ridden, passionate world of the theatre.


new.cover. angelofmurder_COVERAngel of Murder ~~’It takes a tightrope artist of a writer to create chapters that successfully delve into a killer’s thoughts without revealing his identity in the process, but Sugarek achieves this with a dance of introspection that reveals a killer’s religious rituals and the emotional turmoil surrounding everyone involved, from families mourning their children to officers trying to investigate a crime with no clues.’  Midwest Book Review *  Book #4 ~ Angel of Murder




Taste of Murder
In Book 5 in the series The World of Murder, Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia have a cold case dumped on their desk.  Despite their objections that they ‘don’t do cold cases’ their Commander tells them that they do now since the new Mayor has asked for them.  Three years earlier the mayor’s brother-in-law was murdered and the case was never solved.  The cold case plunges our murder cops into the


Beneath the Bridge of MurderAA.Cover.bridgeofmurder,  Book #6
Someone is knocking off the homeless of NYC. There are no motives; what could a bum have that anyone would want? Homicide Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia quickly realize that they have another serial killer on their hands as more and more bodies are found at an alarming rate.


Book #7 Video of Murder 

In this new thriller, Video of Murder, NYPD Homicide Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia investigate seven killings. Every case has one witness who is never mistaken, can’t remember, or tells a lie. The video camera. They must enter the unknown world of the Tongs, the Chinese Mafia, when one of its members is beaten to death, sparking a string of retaliation-type homicides. At the same time they investigate the random murder of a cross country trucker.


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