Song of the Yukon

Adventure, love and heartbreak in the wilderness of Alaska. Living off the grid in the 1920's was a far cry from today's homestead.

Women Outside
the Walls

Three ordinary women, from contrasting backgrounds, have one thing in common. The men they love are in prison.

Wild Violets

It’s the roaring twenties in San Francisco, a decade famous for hot jazz and icy bathtub gin. A young woman is determined to conquer it all...

Cheets is looking for an adventure! The elf had heard about 'town'. Emma and her mother went all the time but no one from the fabled forest had been there. Cheets was certain it was a magical place and he decided that he must head for troublesville. He stows away in the car one day and finds himself in busy, noisy streets all alone. He begins his adventure by befriending two cats who live in a house with two humans. Then because of his obsession with carrots, he is captured in a trap. Book #5

The World of Murder

In this series of true
crime mysteries, the reader
follows two murder cops as
they solve homicides in the
Big Apple...


Monty, a struggling artist, obsesses over his beautiful neighbor, repeatedly painting her....until she turns up dead.


Strippers, found with their throats slashed and their dead eyes filled with glitter. The killer's rage is escalating while the murder cops are no closer to solving the case.


A famous Broadway director is found dead just days before the play's opening. The question is, how did he die?


It takes a tightrope artist of a writer to create chapters that successfully delve into a killer’s thoughts without disclosing his identity.


O’Roarke and Garcia have a cold case dumped on their desk. Despite their objections they ‘don’t do cold cases’ their Commander tells them that they do now since the new Mayor has asked for them.


Someone is knocking off the homeless of NYC. What could a bum have that anyone would want? Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia have serial murders and no clues.


Cops, O’Roarke and Garcia enter the unknown world of the Chinese Mafia, when one of its members dies and sparks a string of retaliation homicides. Also they investigate the random murder of a trucker...

Creative Writer's

Custom created Journal for the Creative Writer. 275+ lined blank pages include a famous quote to inspire the writer in you. Several sections of 'How To'.

Custom designed for creative women. Each blank page holds a famous quote from a female writer, director, actor, poet to inspire your writing. Several sections of "How To" will help you with your efforts.

Creative Writing for
I Wanna be a Writer

This beautiful and custom book, with some of the best quotes out there, will motivate you to dream big and write exciting stories. 'How To' sections will help you get started...

Real Men Work Out...

A Journal Just for MEN! Custom designed for the man who wants to write. 275+ lined, blank pages for your writing with famous quotes from other men who write for a living...

35 Tips on Creative Writing. A collection of writing tips that this author has learned over the years while honing her craft.

How To Write Creatively
Monologues 4 Women

Original, contemporary monologues written for the strong, female, character actor. Also, featuring monologues from the Classics; Shakespeare, Moliere, and Chekov.

A chapter on the Do’s and Don'ts…….time tested tips for the audition process.

Emma and the
Lost Unicorn

Emma accepts a challenge and if she wins she will break the curse placed on a famous Prince who has been turned into a unicorn and banished from his home...

The Exciting Exploits...

Patsy, the spider, has taken Emma hostage while Lord Kodak tries to sell off the Fabled Forest to the highest bidder...

Stanley, a young dragon has run away from home. Lost, he lands in the forest and meets Cheets, Emma, Donald & City Slick, III....

Stanley, the
Stalwart Dragon
Bertie the Bookworm &
the Bully Boys

This fable is about literacy and bullies. Slam, the badger and his gang terrorize the gentle creatures of the forest...

and Bullets

Butterflies and Bullets is a collection of free verse poetry and musings about life, loss, love, and grief. Some fall on the ears like the touch of a butterfly. Others slam into you like a bullet. The poet’s inspiration was taken from life’s experiences.

Moths and Machetes

A collection of free verse poetry, Haiku and musings about life, loss, love, and grief. Some fall on the ears like the touch of moth fluttering against the light. Others slice into you like a knife.

Haiku Poetry

A collection of original Haiku and Renku poetry distilled to a stark, beautiful bareness. ‘…the poetry is a dance of life that flies and falls through experience with a poet and observer’s astute, deft touch.’

A Collection of Ten Minute Plays

More than two dozen ten minutes plays for the classroom. (Sample following) No sets, no costumes, no props. Some are funny but many address teen issues. Open a dialogue with your students.

The Bullies

Bullying is a nationwide problem in our schools. This one act play tells how one young boy deals with it...

No Means NO!

Teen girls are being pressured from all sides to have sex. Their boyfriends and even their peers. This play explores decision making and how four girls took back their power!

Mean Girls

She's the new girl at the school. Instead of being welcomed, she is talked about, snickered at, and ostracized. Until the mean girls find out how cool she is...

The Trans-G Kid

Trapped in the wrong body, this brave young boy makes some changes...


A digital weapon used by our teens. Cyber bullying is out of control and can drive its victims to horrific acts...

The Last Text

Teenagers are multi-tasking. Texting while driving. This story brings home the fatal consequences...

You're Fat, You're Ugly & You Dress Weird

Bullying is precipitated by something as simple as how someone dresses, or if they have braces or glasses. And it can be relentless....

The Run-Away

Teens running away is epidemic in our country. Tens of thousands of kids are missing today, mostly runaways. It's dangerous and sometimes deadly...

Love Never Leaves

Domestic violence only happens between adults, right? Teen dating violence is a common event and the best kept secret.

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