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Haiku Poetry from around the World and here at Home!


As promised, send me your poetry (Haiku) and I will post it.  The surprising and delightful thing is I received poetry from all ages and from as far away as India and Argentina.  It’s only fitting that we begin with one from the master.


Untitled    (Bashô, Japan)

the first cold shower;
even the monkey seems to want
a little coat of straw.

To enjoy life  (María del Carmen Chiappero, Argentina)

The lovely sun shines,trees.sun7
the wind blows by the window,
an old sweet song sounds.

With a melody,
Many melancholy words
leave a deep meaning.

We´re “dust in the wind”.
We´re all part of this giant big world,
but we´re very small.

Moments don’t come back
life goes on now, step by step
Then let´s enjoy life.
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Haiku Poetry and How to Write it! (part 2)


Pen & Ink by Trisha Sugarek


In Japan the Samurai/poets would frequently write Haiku before battle. Death poems were considered a necessity, graceful, natural, and emotionally neutral, in accordance with the teachings of Buddha.

Like a rotten log
half buried in the ground
my life, which has not flowered,
to this sad end. 
Minamoto Yorimasa  1104-1180

Samurai Song  ©  T.Sugarek

delicate blossom
rests in the still gnarled hand
bruised petals weep tears

weary eyes open
tiny cuts, the body bleeds
peace still years away

sun rise breaks the hill
heralds another battle
draw your sword and charge

   ( Three sets, three lines each.     First line = 5 syllable, second line = 7 syllables, third line = 5 syllables) Traditionally, some reference to nature should be included. more »