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Great Christmas gifts! Journaling books & more…

journaling, journals, diary, diaries, thoughts, dreams, old worldLori Smaltz, photographer, is developing a series of theme Journals for all of you journaling enthusiasts out there.  This is the first entitled “Old World” and it will have highlights of historic photographs throughout with over 100 pages on which to write in.






COMING IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! AUDIO-BOOKSdragons, elves, fairies, dragon, fairy tales, new book for your child, new fairy tales, running away, friendship


“Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon” will be available in an audio book at amazon.com  iTunes.com and audible.com

It will be released next week in time for Christmas shopping.
Narrated by renowned actress, Anne Johnstonbrown.






Also available Lori’s coffee-table book of photographs, “Bone Garden Enchantment“.    A perfect gift for that ‘hard-to-shop-for’ friend.cemeteries in Savannah, photography, tourism, local color, historic Savannah, souvenirs


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Children’s books

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Haiku Poetry

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