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NEW Journal…How To Write a Play

My newest Journal created for aspiring and established PLAYWRIGHTS has just been published and can be found in your favorite bookstore. 

245+ lined, blank pages for your writing PLUS Sections with instructions on ‘how to‘. 

Section 1……How to Begin… 
Section 2……How to Write a Play… 
Section 3……Creating Rich Characters…
Section 4……Story Telling 
Section 5…… How to Block… 
Section 6…… Snappy Dialogue… 
Section 7…… Set Design… 
Section 8…… Formatting your Play… 
Section 9…… Terminology..

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How to Create a Tantalizing Book Cover 


Motivational Moments…for Writers! #34

The first thing that makes a buyer reach for your book is the COVER!  Is it professional? Does it convey a visual story? 
The second thing that keeps the book in their hand is the BACK COVER and what it says about your story!
The third thing that keeps them from putting it back on the rack (or swiping their tablet for more choices) is that all important, FIRST SENTENCE!

 For example:

Swamp sludge dripped off the massive head while the cold, murderous, purple eye watched them.’

‘As I stepped into the street I didn’t notice the bus bearing down on me.’

‘I sat in the prison waiting room about to interview a convicted killer.’

‘Slow down, Al,” Vi screamed and laughed from the back seat of the car that was plummeting down the mountain side. “You’re gonna kill us.’

 ‘My first audition since I had arrived in Hollywood and what if I fail?’

‘The teacher grabbed my math work book and marched to the front of the room. He began to read my poetry aloud.’

‘As the saloon doors creaked back and forth, the trail weary cowboys backed away when they saw him saunter in.’

“Mother must be spinning in her grave. Not in her wildest dreams, or mine for that matter, would she imagine her daughter in a prison.” Kitty muttered, as her chauffeur drove up the long driveway to the main entrance of the State Prison.

Since the buyer hasn’t put your book down yet, you have to ‘hook’ them with your first sentence. Make them ask, ‘what happens next’?

“No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” ~~Bob Dylan

“I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.” ~~ Charles Dickens

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” ~~Bob Marley

MY BLOG features INTERVIEWS with  best-selling AUTHORS!   Did you miss the past few months?    September: Dylan Callens.  October’s author was Donna Kauffman. In November we say hello to Rita Avaud a Najm. In December we will be saying hello to English mystery writer, J.G. Dow. 
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Page 1 on Google! The Reward…After Four Years!

‘believe in what isn’t…as if it were…until it becomes…’

Four years ago my web site designer, Leon Adato, designed my web site and insisted that if I wanted to be any kind of viable force in cyber-space that I would have to write a blog. He said the results wouldn’t be over night and might take years, but my work would be noticed.  It seems silly now, as I write this, but my first reaction was:

‘No!  I don’t wanna!  It will take me away from my writing.  I have nothing to say.  What would I write about?’  I threw a tantrum, basically.  But it turned out that I had something to say….about the craft of writing.  And then I discovered chatting with other authors was a hoot and began interviewing them (some very famous ones).  And then I received requests to review books…and so it went.

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A Great Holiday Gift Idea!

Dog4Running out of ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person on your gift list.  Or maybe you are looking for a really unique gift…

These Journals-Handbooks are customized just for you!  275 blank, lined pages for the writer who dwells in all of us.  Each page margin is embedded with quotes from famous writers, playwrights, actors, directors, singers.
“The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightning and the lightning bug.” Mark Twain

There are sections on “How To…’.  How to get started, how to develop rich characters, how to write a play, how to tell a story, CW.Cover.Scanhow to write poetry and more!

Four wonderful covers to choose from. Neon.RMWO_cover_spine_REV84_copy

You still have time to order from www.amazon.com or scroll down and order from this post.

“I’m in love with the potential of miracles. For me, the safest place is out on a limb.” Shirley MacLaine 

“For those who can do it and who keep their nerve, writing for a living still beats most real, grown-up jobs hands down.”  Terrance Blacker
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A New Journal for Creative Writers…and more

1.Creative.Write.BookCoverImage                    My JOURNALS for CREATIVE WRITERS are becoming more and more popular.  The book, with a custom cover, has 275 blank, lined pages for your writing.  Tucked into the margins of each page are famous quotes from authors, writers, playwrights, poets and actors, to inspire you to WRITE!

The unique feature of these Journals/Handbooks is that I have included a ‘how to’ section (6) to get you started whether it’s for story telling, fiction, play writing, or poetry.

And don’t forget there are four custom covers to choose from; two for women, one for men, and this one for the student,teacher, writer. The quotes were customized and hand picked by me. They are available on Amazon.  Keywords:  journals,sugarek

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Be my Valentine!

be my valentiineLooking for that unique, thoughtful gift for your valentine?

Has your loved one always wanted to write but didn’t know how to begin? Does he/she write in a journal? Write poetry? Write short stories?  These journals include ‘how to’ sections, inspiring quotes from other writers and lots of blank pages for your own creative writing.

This ‘Creative Writer’s Journal is the perfect gift.

Journal for Creative Writers

for HER!

Order here!


for HIM!



A Journal for Men Who Want To Write….

Neon.RMWO_cover_spine_REV84_copy   Available Now!   This handsome journal/handbook was created especially for men who want to write.

  ‘Real Men Work Out…on Paper’

The spirited journal/handbook, intended specifically for men and your creative writing, offers over 275 lined, blank pages. Each section has instruction on ‘where to begin’, storytelling, how to write a play, and developing rich characters. Nestled in the margins of each page are more tips about writing and quotes from famous writers, actors, playwrights and poets. The bold and masculine cover can be carried anywhere!  Great gift idea!

Available  at www.amazon.com or your favorite book store

Now Available! The Empowered Woman’s Journal

Boost.Cover  JUST RELEASED!!  A Journal for ALL Women

Available at:  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=empowered%2C%20sugarek  and www.writeratplay.com/shop

This spirited journal is designed to help women open their hearts and minds to
their own creative possibilities, while honing their writing craft. Whether you are a
beginner or a more experienced writer, the shelter within these pages will empower you to
write more. You will find this journal will quickly become your constant companion.

Much more than a journal for writing down your secrets, your thoughts and dreams, this handbook provides the writer with the ‘how to’s’. Over 275 of blank lined pages for your creative writing that includes tips and insightful quotes from famous authors, playwrights, poets and celebrities.


CREATIVE WRITER’S Journal and Handbook Now Available!

1.Creative.Write.BookCoverImage  Actor, director, playwright, author, Trisha Sugarek has created 305 pages of ‘How To’, Tips, Quotes, and  275 blank, lined pages for your writing.  ‘I have created this journal for writers of all genres.  Taken from my personal experience in the writing process, I hope it kick starts new writers to begin and more experience writers to continue.’

~~This spirited journal is designed to help writers open their hearts and minds. Much more than a journal for your creative writing, this handbook provides the writer with the ‘how to’s’ of writing. Tips, instructions and prompts to help you to hone your writing skill. Each blank, lined page has writing tips and quotes from other famous authors.~~

Available at www.amazon.com    

A writer is only a writer when he or she is writing. Thinking isn’t writing, research isn’t writing, doing anything other than writing isn’t writing. 


Available NOW!! ‘The Creative Writer’s Journal & Handbook’

CW.CoverNOW ON SALE!!!  This new, innovative Journal and Handbook.

This spirited journal is designed to help writers open their hearts and minds to their own creative possibilities, while honing their craft. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you will find this journal will quickly become your constant companion.

Much more than a journal for your creative writing, this handbook provides the writer with the ‘how to’s’ of writing. Over 275 of blank, lined pages for your creative writing that includes more tips and insightful quotes from famous authors.

What’s Inside:
“How Do I Begin?”
“How to Develop Exciting Characters”
“How to Write Fiction”
“How to Write a Stage Play”
“How to Write Poetry”
“How to Write Haiku Poetry”

You can order this Journal  here in my book store or go to Amazon.com

Teachers and Students:  Go to Facebook and  Like’ this page if you think this is something you would like to own.  Future special offers to educators and students.