Play Scripts for Children

Popular across the country are my full length plays for children.  Structured so that no child is left out at auditions.  A part for every child.  Set in the Fabled Forest, these charming fables teach lessons about bullying, (Bertie, the Bookworm),  running away (Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon), ecology and greed, (The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf) and loyalty and love (Emma and The Lost Unicorn)

Ages: 5–18.
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The first three can be purchased at Samuel French, Inc. Bertie, the Bookworm can be found on

The Guyer Girls is a non-fairy tale. Four sisters, all teenagers growing up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest on their farm. A cross between Little Women and I Remember Mama.  Available at Samuel French, Inc.

SYNOPSIS:  Click Here