How To Write Creatively~~ a New Book

For several years I’ve been writing posts for my Blog entitled, ‘Motivational Moments...for Writers!’  I got to thinking that I should compile all 28 posts into

one place.  This new, exciting, instructional book is my sharing of over twenty+ years of my experience honing my craft of creative writing. 

That first, all important, sentence.
How to develop rich characters.
Writer’s Block.
What does it Mean to be an ‘Indie’ author?
How to handle constructive criticism
………….and many more words of encouragement and tips
………………….including quotes from successful writers such as yourself


MY BLOGS feature INTERVIEWS with  best-selling AUTHORS!   Did you miss the past few months?    February’s author was Sheryl Steines.
Johan Thompson (South African author)  joined us in April.  May’s author will be Cheryl Hollon and in June: Mehreen Ahmed. July: Janet Macleod Trotter, author of Tea Planter’s Daughter
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